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Today there is pressure on every organization to perform at the highest level because of the cut throat competition. As such, it becomes difficult for them to manage every single operation. To concentrate more on the core activities, it becomes necessary for organizations to outsource their back office operations to someone reliable.

Hi-Tech Export, Inc. provides consistent and dependable back office outsourcing solutions. We undertake a wide range of services in Back Office Operations. By outsourcing to us, you can save a lot of time and money that is otherwise associated with these operations. The costs involved in HR recruitment and the maintenance of records can be kept in check, and there is the advantage of accessing advanced IT skills. All of this acts as a great competitive advantage. You can also enjoy the benefits of increased customer satisfaction because of timely and efficient service.

Hi-Tech Export, Inc. offers services in
  • Database Designing
  • Database Backup and Performance Tuning
  • Web Server Performance Monitoring and Tuning
  • Network Support

Database Designing:

A database if not well maintained, can affect the company's operations. We offer expert services in database designing. Our company is well equipped with advanced technology, and a team of well-experienced experts in database designing. We will develop a prototype of your database after studying your requirements.

Database Backup and Performance Tuning

To get optimum performance from your database, it has to be well monitored and timely action has to be taken. Database performance tuning improves performance and response time, minimizes expenses, maximizes the utilization of hardware and software, and prevents data loss. We provide a number of database backup and performance tuning services.

Web Server Performance Monitoring and Tuning

Hi-Tech Export, Inc. uses the most advanced software and technology to monitor web server performance and tuning. We can monitor your web server's performance and alert you in case of fall in performance. We generate performance reports with information such as web page hits, web server errors, and other information.

Network support

Hi-Tech Export, Inc. also offers network support services that include design, installation, operation, and maintenance of your computer networks. Our experts are familiar with activities involved in the network support and are capable of providing technical assistance whenever required. This can include network maintenance and repair, setting up of LAN/WAN, server configuration and upgrading, virus protection, system backups, etc.

Contact us for detailed information about Back Office Outsourcing.

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