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Outsourcing CAD Drafting Services - Computer Aided Drafting


Hi-Tech Export, Inc. assists Design, CAD Drafting Services, CAD Engineering Services, CAD Manufacturing and CAD Consultancy organizations across the world with a wide range of CAD Services including:

Computer Aided Drafting - Outsourcing CAD Drafting Services

  • Structural CAD Drafting
    We assist Fabricators, Structural Engineers, and Joist Manufacturers through this service comprising structural analysis with standard software packages, preparation of fabrication drawings for the shop, and field erection plans for the erector.

  • Architectural CAD Drafting
    We convert complex paper drawings, hand scribbles, hand sketches, and survey notes into a set of complete architectural plans.

  • Electrical CAD Drafting
    We have highly skilled professionals to assist you in creating electrical site plans, electrical power and lighting system plans, electrical panel schedules, and electrical one-line diagrams.

  • Mechanical CAD Drafting
    Our highly skilled engineers have great expertise in solving complex casting, very large assembly, layout, and skeleton modeling. We create standard specifications to assist clients in their mechanical drafting requirements.

  • Electronic CAD Drafting
    Creating wiring diagrams, circuit board assembly diagrams, electronic schematic diagrams, layout drawings or electronic components library, whatever be your need, we have highly skilled professionals to assist you in your Electronic Drafting needs.

3D Modeling

  • Mechanical Modeling
    We provide specialized service in conceptual product design and development, fabrication works, and forging and casting components.

  • Architectural Modeling
    Our team of Architects and 3D graphic artists are specialists in translating free hand sketches and CAD drawings, and creating virtual wonders that communicate your ideas and concepts to your clients.
By integrating highly skilled professionals, processes, and state-of-the-art technology, Hitech Export, Inc. provides comprehensive CAD contracting services such as CAD conversion, CAD drafting, Auto CAD drafting, Auto CAD drawing, CAD digitization, conversion of manual drawings to CAD and GIS projects, and CAD designing. If you are interested in finding more information to outsource your CAD drafting projects, you may contact us.

  Pilot Projects (up to 20 hours duration at NO COST)
For more information, please e-mail us at [email protected]
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