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Data Collection - Data Collection Methods and Techniques in USA


Data Collection, the process of capturing raw or primary data from a single source or from multiple sources, is very important component of data management. Organizations that cannot afford to maintain a separate data collection department or those who do not want their core business activities to be affected by this time and resource-consuming task, outsourcing is a viable option. Hi-Tech Export, Inc. offers data collection methods and data collection techniques that help clients to meet demanding challenges in this field.

What differentiates Hi-Tech Export, Inc. from other data management outsourcing firms is its unique project management approach and processing efficiency.

Our unique data collection techniques have worked positively and effectively for clients irrespective of the complexity and volume of work involved. We have the industry experience, software skills and research skills in data collection, data mining and data manipulation for your diverse needs.

Systematic Data Collection Methods

We maintain custom documents describing the specific methods to be used to gather client-specific information or data. The document describes who collects the information, and when, where and how it is collected. We also have verious data collection techniques designed to collect or abstract data from existing records for research or evaluation purposes.

The scope of our data collection and related services includes the following:
  • Data search / content aggregation from the Internet (primary and secondary)
  • Data search from databases (primary and secondary)
  • Data compilation / organization / tabulation (into databases, tables, etc...)
  • Data mining
We have an experienced team of data collection experts and researchers to help solve your data collection problems. They are experts in finding out the exact piece of information from authentic sources by conducting extensive and deep research using online and offline research tools in a rapid pace. Our data collection team serves a variety of sectors and industries such as the following:
  • Software / IT / Technology
  • Insurance / Financial
  • Pharmaceutical / Healthcare
  • Media and the Internet
  • Automobile
  • Engineering
  • Telecommunications
  • Power
  • Consumer goods
  • Humanities
  • Commodities
  • Tourism
  • Education
  • Bio-technology
To learn more about our data collection services, please contact us.

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