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Database Backup and Database Performance Tuning


No organization ignores the importance of databases as a component in the architectures of vital business applications. Database underperformance can result in serious financial losses, tarnished reputation, and loss of customers.

A distinguished provider of quality back office operation services, Hi-Tech Export, Inc. provides a number of database backup and performance tuning services.

Database Backup Services

Our database backup services are designed to ensure your peace of mind. We completely automate the backup system, and provide the service for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux platforms. To ensure confidentiality of your data, the network traffic between your database server and our backup server is encrypted.

We can take back up on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule.

Database Performance Tuning Services

If your database causes unreasonable online response times or unattended programs run even after the specified period of time, it has a performance problem. For a database to deliver optimum performance, you need to vigilantly monitor its performance and take timely action on observing any problem.

Database performance tuning improves performance and response time, minimize expenses, maximize utilization of hardware and software, and avoid data loss.

Hi-Tech Export, Inc. has substantial experience of tuning databases for eminent clients. Though we specialize in tuning SQL servers, we also provide services for Oracle and DB2 servers.

Our database performance tuning services include the following:
  • Monitoring of database performance
  • Recommendations for configuration options based on the database usage patterns
  • Recommendations for hardware configuration
  • Analysis of operating system settings
  • Tuning of specific SQL queries
Please contact us if you need further information about our database backup services.

  Pilot Projects (up to 20 hours duration at NO COST)
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