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No organization can afford inefficient management of business information. Besides monetary loss, it can affect the reputation or even the survival of a firm. On the other hand, effective document management helps organizations to gain competitive advantage over their rivals.

Today many organizations prefer to outsource document management solutions or requirements to our experts. Hi-Tech Export, Inc., a renowned provider of affordable business solutions, has solid experience in providing document management solutions to eminent organizations in all major sectors.

The document management solutions we offer include:

Workflow Automation Services

By automating your organization's business processes and workflow, our Workflow Automation Services will save your precious time and money. It speeds up your business processes, cuts labor costs and benefits your company's operations in many other ways. A leading workflow automation service provider, Hi-Tech Export, Inc. undertakes consultancy, planning and implementation of workflow automation systems.

Digitization Services

Our digitization services enable clients to safely preserve their vast amount of information on paper, tape, or any other media. Digitization Services makes data easily accessible, manageable and reproducible. We have substantial experience handling digitization projects. Besides digitizing data from any media format, we also provide a range of services to make the converted data the most usable for clients.

OCR - Optical Character Recognition Services

OCR Services is an affordable method to convert paper documents, books, manuscripts, and manuals into MS Word Documents, ASCII text, or any other popular format. Digitization makes documents editable, electronically publishable, and easily manageable. We use the most advanced OCR software and have state-of-the art infrastructure to provide high quality OCR services.

Data Capture Services

Also known as Electronic Draft Capture, data capture involves collection, processing, and storage of information. By utilizing latest technology, we automate the entire process of data capture. The data capture projects we normally undertake include forms processing, web extraction, images processing, electronic publication, and file conversion. We guarantee 99.98% accuracy for all data capturing processes.

If you are interested in finding more information to outsource your document management solutions or requirements, you may contact us.

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