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Image Conversion and Packaging - Outsourcing Image Conversion

The digital age arrived with a bang and is here to stay. Everywhere around us, we can see examples of how it has made life simple for us. All paper-based information is being converted into digital form, making things a lot easier for people to maintain them and use them.

If you want an archive backup of your images, convert all your paper-based information to digital images, or microfilm/microfiche to image format, Hi-Tech Export, Inc. has all the resources that cover the entire spectrum of image conversion and packaging services. Image conversion and packaging department of Hi-Tech Export, Inc. helps clients with comprehensive solutions for their Image conversion and packaging requirements. We are proud to present ourselves at your service.

We offer a variety of services in Image Conversion and Packaging

  • Paper-to-Image Conversion
    This service enables you to convert your business documents into an easily manageable electronic form of your choice.

  • Microform-to-Image Conversion
    Microform-to-image conversion involves converting microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, and roll film into digital file formats of your choice.

  • PDF Creation and Packaging
    Our image conversion and packaging services will make things more easily manageable for you, and will help utilize your resources in a better way. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals to handle all your Image conversion and packaging needs. By outsourcing Image conversion and packaging projects to us, you also get the advantage of state-of-the-art technology that ensures quick and high-quality output.
We provide image conversion and packaging services at competitive prices, and that too, at a surprising speed and quality level. You can enjoy the benefits of improved efficiency, productivity and cost reduction in your organization, and become more capable of surviving in today's global competition.

Your company's data becomes more user-friendly and accessible when converted to digital format. It also saves time, space and money.

There is no need for you to worry in giving us your documents for converting into digital format. It will be safe and not subject to any risk, as a result of our confidentiality policy. To ensure quality, we make sure that all the work undergoes strict quality checks before finalizing.

Contact us to know more about our image conversion and packaging services.

  Pilot Projects (up to 20 hours duration at NO COST)
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