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Images make a lot of difference as they influence a person's decision in many cases. With the development of computer technology, many things have changed. Today there is enough and more technology available to improve pictures that have flaws and to add special effects to existing pictures.

We at Hi-Tech Export, Inc. offer you a variety of services in image editing and enhancement beyond image scanning.

We have a dedicated team of experts, highly skilled and experienced to handle all your image editing or image enhancement requirements. They have completed Image Editing projects for quite a few clients and have been able to handle each of them efficiently - both large and small. The turn around time is of utmost importance in all the projects that we undertake. Our experts always complete work within the stipulated deadline.

We are equipped with the required technology and software for image editing / enhancement that meet industry standards and our experts are well-versed in using them.

Our image editing / enhancing services enable you to correct any deficiency in your original images and make them more presentable. The services we provide include:
  • Cropping images - trimming edges, cropping the background
  • Correcting photographs which are dull or dark
  • Retouching photos to remove flaws or creases
  • Changing black and white images into color
  • Working on pictures, such as adding special effects to create birthday cards, wedding cards or calendars
  • Working on resolution, background, shadow etc
  • Re-sizing images to a size that you require
We work as per your specifications. You can give us the instructions as to the way you want the image to be. Our experts will work on the images based on your instructions using advanced software. The final output is passed through a thorough quality check before being finalized.

Customers are important to us just as they are important to you. Whether you have an e-business or a website or a business where people are to be attracted through a catalog, the quality of the images is of utmost importance. It is through the images, probably of the products that you sell, that prospective customers get an idea about you and your business/product. As such, it is vital that the images are presentable.

Contact us for more information about our image editing and enhancement services.

  Pilot Projects (up to 20 hours duration at NO COST)
For more information, please e-mail us at [email protected]
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