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With the arrival of computers, internet, and other modern equipments, paper has become almost obsolete. It is no more required to preserve all those layers of pictures and papers in their physical form. Managing voluminous data stored in hard copy becomes more convenient for you by converting it into digital formats. Ease yourself out of the hassles of looking through all those loads of papers when you need something from them and the problem of preserving them neatly. Moreover, Scanning Services is a cost-effective alternative than the usual storage of paper. Make use of today's technology. Simplify things for yourself by making everything easier to manage and maintain. Go for image scanning! Be a part of the digital era.

Every other company is getting its documents scanned and converted into digital format. It makes way for more space in the office, and simplifies cumbersome tasks like retrieving certain documents from a bundle. Think of all the trouble you go through to preserve all those physical documents - address lists, purchase orders, invoices, and other documents - stacked in folders inside the cabinet. Your documents, when in the digital format, are far easier to share across the internet or your company's local network. It is simple to access images from digital media, and easier to transfer to other media and carry around.

Image Scanning Services is a building need of the day and Hi-Tech Export, Inc. just happens to have the right team of experts to meet all your requirements in this area.

The scope of our Scanning services includes:

  • Image correction
  • Digital image processing
  • Image Editing
  • Photo Scanning
  • Photo Manipulation
We possess state-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure that our clients enjoy world-class quality when it comes to our scanning services. We are equipped to handle any volume of work and have high-speed scanners to provide you with the fastest service possible. Our experts have handled quite a few numbers of scanning projects - both big and small.

There is no need to worry about surrendering your important and confidential documents to us for scanning services. Not only do we handle all of our clients' documents with utmost care, but we also have strict measures to ensure their confidentiality. Be assured, the confidentiality of the documents in our hands is not a cause of concern for you.

With scanning services at Hi-Tech Export Inc., you get an easy, efficient, cost effective, and secure solution for Image Management. Contact us for more information.

  Pilot Projects (up to 20 hours duration at NO COST)
For more information, please e-mail us at [email protected]
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