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Why Outsourcing Services?

  • Do you want to run the show under limited budgetary resources?

  • Are you tired of managing human resources?

  • Do not want to retain a dedicated team for full time?

  • Are unable to meet the deadlines regularly?

  • Want professional expertise at an affordable rate?

If your answer to any of these questions is "yes", then the best option is to go for Outsourcing services.

You can outsource almost any activity that requires professional skills and technical support. You are enlisting the services of an independent contractor/vendor when you outsource a project or part of it. The services available from outsourcing company are numerous and varied. Data Entry, Writing, Web Design, Offshore Software Development, Web Research Online, desktop publishing, medical and legal transcription, remote IT support or customer support, it is a long list of services offered.

Through outsourcing services, organizations are now able to develop competitive strategies that will enhance their financial positions in the ever-increasing global competition. Sometimes even well equipped organizations with professional and infrastructural self-sufficiency may resort to outsourcing. This happens when the managements prefer outsourcing instead of heaping another responsibility on the shoulders of their already-stressed-out staff or hiring another person that you will have to find work for during the next recession.

Although the outsourcing jargon has grown global in nature, developing countries like India have the biggest labor pool in the outsourcing industry. According to Professor Drezner, for every dollar spent on outsourcing to India, the United States receives an average of $1.13 in return. Drezner reports that major software companies like Microsoft and Oracle have added more functions to their preference for outsourcing, and uses the savings for investment and larger domestic payrolls.

Studies show that the outsourcing trend is on the rise. Advantages of outsourcing will speak for the reasons behind it.

  • Abundant Talent
  • Low Costs
  • Proven Competency
  • Pay for only what you need
  • Get a higher level of experience without budgeting for a regular employee
  • Objective perspective about what works well for the client
  • Meet the deadlines- on a different pace and schedule than you
  • The right set of infrastructure to get your work done
The good news is that 73 % of companies in the west presently outsource one or more of their business processes to external service providers, and a better percentage of them are satisfied with their outsourcing experience.

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