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Automation of business process, also known as workflow automation, is the application of computer software to plan, perform, and track business processes.

Manual business processes has many limitations like chances of losing data, parallel processing of a work item, difficulty in tracking processes, difficulty in dealing with too many paper, and difficulty in accessing correct files. Automation of workflow eliminates all such complications and saves your organization's valuable time and money.


Hi-Tech Export, Inc. is a leading workflow automation service provider. We undertake consultancy, planning, and implementation of workflow automation systems. We have experience implementing workflow automation systems in all major business sectors including telecommunication, insurance, legal, and banking.

The workflow automation services we offer include the following:
  • Designing of workflow automation system
  • Building of workflow automation system
  • Integration of workflow automation system
  • Implementation of workflow automation system
  • Running and maintenance of workflow automation system
  • Upgrading of an existing automation system
Every company has unique business processes. The benefits of workflow automation are many, and each company can benefit from it in different ways.

Benefits of workflow automation:
  • Considerably increases the speed of the business process, and reduces the labor costs
  • Enables organizations to redirect surplus manpower into more productive areas
  • Eliminates errors and miscommunication and ensures accuracy in workflow
  • Efficiently tracks and documents every process involved in the workflow
  • Enables to connect and integrate your workflows with remote systems
Hi-Tech Export, Inc. has a highly skilled workforce with the ability to design, build, and implement sophisticated workflow automation systems. We also offer the service of our consultants to assist with integration and customization of the automation system.

If you want to take advantage of an automated workflow system, contact us. You can also make a call to know more about our workflow automation services.

  Pilot Projects (up to 20 hours duration at NO COST)
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